Ms. Darlington

Welcome to Grade 4 with Ms. Darlington at SGA!

Let us embrace our Catholic holiday season, with Advent! 
The Advent season is a beautiful reminder to prepare our hearts, our homes and school life to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus! During Week 2,we light the second of the four candles in the Advent wreath: the candle of Peace. Jesus is our Prince of peace, and through Him, peace is found.

Note: This page will be updated weekly (generally Sunday), and as needed throughout the week. In aligning with an ECO school, our monthly calendar can be found on the left column. DEC calendar is now updated! 

Upcoming dates/ Information:

Hey parent(s): Did you know that has a Grade 4 and 5 ski pass? Your child can ski at 150 ski resorts 3 x's at each of the 150 resorts for $29.95! Check it out! A great deal that we took advantage of when our kids were in grade 4.

Christmas Concert: A huge congratulations with our concert efforts. I am so proud of our grade 4's! 

  • Christmas Cheer continues until Dec 30th (New and unwrapped toys, new books, gift cards, diapers, Canadian Tire money, baby formula, baby food, non-perishable food)
  • Christmas Concert- Dec 5-- our class will be performing (school/ students only daytime, 6:30 pm for parents)
  • January Pizza, Subs and Milk orders are on line!
  • SGA Colts night- DEC 29th
  • Advent Mass at SJV- Dec 14th
  • Spirit Day- Dec 21st

Every Christmas, I collect for a local organization in need. This year, I would like our class to donate to the Ronald McDonald House (for families with children in hospital at Sick Kids). Note: this is a change from Women & Children's Shelter. Our theme is "warming your hearts". New hats, mitts and socks are being accepted this week. I will bring the basket on the weekend of December 15-16th if you are interested in contributing. Our students will still take recycled items for our "smash" books!

Balloons    Dominic- Dec 1st
  Liam- Dec 3rd
Lucas- Dec 10th
Olivia- Dec 29th 

Week at a Glance: (DEC 10-14th)

MONDAY-  Read, write back and sign journals, Concert rehearsal,
Lucas' Birthday! 
TUESDAY-  Lunch Lady, Gym
THURSDAY- All work done= Goal setting
FRIDAY- Fantastic Friday, PIZZA. Advent mass at SJV

Please send in a favourite holiday recipe this week! 

We are a PEANUT FREE classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

Tentative schedule for learning this week (subject to change):


Writing/ word work/ grammar-  focus on organization, editing and proofreading (journals), "SMASH" books, favourite Christmas recipe writing (holiday gift), letter writing to Jesus, warm messages of peace (Advent, Week 2) for families in the Ronald McDonald House 

- reading groups/ novel studies (not covered last week with concert practise), listening to literature and shared reading** individual and small group focus for reading strategies

Oral communication- No specific. Small group speaking and listening strategies

Media literacy- Holiday advertisements (TV commercials)

Number sense: 
- understanding equivalent fractions and fractional parts, and comparing fractions to benchmark of 0, 1/2 and 1

- continued practise with addition/ subtraction for 4 digit numbers (and mental math strategies)
- multiplication facts and strategies
- geometry (identifying and comparing different types of quadrilaterals) 


Light and Sound- with Mrs. Nandon

Social Studies:
Heritage & Identity- Early Civilizations. Leading into Stem Projects-- an outline will be posted in Google classroom by the end of this week for assessment. Students are in research stage.

I am still conferencing with a few students on their first Google task, to support success for the upcoming assessment (via Google classroom submission).

A focus on the season Advent. This week we celebrate week 2.

Physical Education: 
Tuesdays- We will begin to integrate an outdoor block again when the weather presents as "winter". Winter circuits will be our focus in December. I am for DPA almost daily in our classroom.

Health: Taught by Mr. Ashworth (1/week, Term 1)
Taught by Ms. McKinnon (A days)


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
Completion of Advent Art- use of water colours, pastels and dimension, lead into other holiday art work

Music/ dance/ drama focus: ‚Äč
We will begin to practise music for January liturgy (which our class is leading).