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What to Do with Used Batteries

What to Do with Used Batteries
Posted on 05/17/2017

What do you do with your used batteries?  Instead of throwing them out, send them to school with your child.  At SGA we are having a battery drive.  YES, we want your old, used, dead batteries!!

Batteries have a mineral called zinc in them that saves lives! And… if we dispose them safely, we can help save the environment!!

Many children around the world do not get enough zinc in their diets and this can make them very sick and even die.  

Zinc is important for proper growth and wound healing. Zinc is good for a common cold, ear infections and some diseases. Zinc helps head injuries, ringing in the ears and more.

We can help!! So please send in your used batteries! Thank you SGA for helping us help others and the beautiful world we live in!

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