Ms. Darlington

Growing in Catholic Faith
Grade 4 & 5

Final message

We have truly renewed the promise, together in Catholic faith. As we wrap up our year together, I want to share what an absolute pleasure it has been to have shared in your child's journey.

I have experienced SO much fun with this group of students. Our students have ignited the joy of learning every day with their creative minds! We embraced wonderful moments to grow together including through several field trips, our Christmas meal, Fun Fridays, by celebrating amazing moments in learning and more. We shared in countless faith-filled moments including through our liturgies, masses, meditation, reflections and moments to share in our harmony circle. A moment that truly resonated with me was at our Leadership Camp. The encouragement from each other, as our students' peers attempted to move outside of their comfort zone, was incredible to witness. Group leaders also commended our group for this! I wish I could have wrapped up these moments in a bottle, for our students to remember many years later! 

I am SO proud of all of you. It has been an honour to have shared in your child's journey in Catholic education. New classroom teachers in September of 2018 will be so blessed to have all of your caring and bright minds! To our awesome grade 4's and 5's, remember to share your zest and love for learning, always! 

With love,
Ms. Darlington

Upcoming dates
Thank you to all parents who donated for "Cool Fridays"- Joseph, Emily, Nicoletta, Zack, Sofia and Olivia

Our Reading buddies loved them too this last Friday! 

Reports home- June 25th
Last day of school- June 28th

Wow- summer begins for you June 29th

June birthdays-
Logan (June 13th- the same day as my son!),
Maggie- June 1st
Ms. Darlington- thank you for your beautiful wishes and kind hearts! 

July/ August birthdays-
Will celebrate this week


Important information: June 25th- June 28th

MONDAY- REPORTS home- celebrate success! 
All library books returned please

TUESDAY-  Outdoor gym, and walk to Creative Bean (weather permitting). NOTE: This was moved from WED!  Send your child with $5-6, or $3.50 if this is more affordable
WEDNESDAY- Social Studies with Mr. Ashworth
ART Workshop (Van Gogh am, MacClaren Art Centre at SGA)
THURSDAY--- last day of school! Final assembly,
Beach Day theme in our class (optional)
FRIDAY--- PD Day....... summer begins for you! Wishing all of you a safe, relaxing and fun-filled summer! 

Reminder: We have a peanut allergy in the classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.


WRAP of of tasks!  Way to go with growing in your literacy efforts this year, especially in our Daily 5! 

Math:  WRAP UP
Open choice math activities! Celebrate that you are all mathematicians! 



Wrap up of hands-on tasks... you have been such creative scientists! 
Social studies:  taught by Mr. Ashworth this term:

Religion:  Thank you for growing in Catholic faith! 

Physical Education: Final soccer games and DPA! 

Health: Substance Use, Additions and Related behaviours

French: Taught by Mr. Pisani

The Arts: Dance/Drama/ Music: Lead by Mrs. Holden


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
Thank you for shining with your artistic talents! Keep drawing over the summer!