Ms. Darlington

Growing in Catholic Faith
Grade 4 & 5

renew Thank you grade 4's and 5's for reflecting on our many gifts in Catholic Education. We are truly blessed for this opportunity to grow in Catholic faith. Let's keep renewing the promise! 

Upcoming/ Important:
With the final few month stretch in grade 4 or 5, please remind your child to monitor his/her learning. :)


School BBQ- June 14th

Final School Trip- information in School Day

Great job with Track & Field--- final events are this week. 1500 m tryouts this week.

May birthdays- Thomas, Michael Servidio

Important information this week: (May 22nd- May 25th) 

Monday- Civic Holiday- no school... relax! 

Tuesday-  Gym day (physical education), Public Library visit (school wide)
Wednesday- Social Studies with Mr. Ashworth
Thursday- All work complete- GRILLED CHEESE DAY 

Friday- Pizza

Reminder: We have a peanut allergy in the classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

Tentative learning this week (some areas):


Writing (Grade 4 and 5, specific to each grade for assessment)
- presenting- Why Catholic Education is a Gift
- word work (spring poetry focus)
- sharing of power paragraphs re: mental illness focus/ health (Substance Use and Additions)
- revising completed work (returning to ensure writing is "published" form)
- presentations- Brochures/ posters for Religion

Literature circles/ novel studies, listening to literature, and other reading (e.g., science). 

Media Literacy-  presentations of imovies

I suggest that your child have a protractor and a calculator at school.
Daily home practise: multiplication facts, subtraction (with regrouping) and elapsed time

I can not stress enough how important it is for your child to be comfortable with his/her multiplication facts. This will pave the way for success going into grade's 5 and 6.

Some areas covered this month:
Grade 4- 
- multiplication of 2 digit by 1 digit numbers (multiplication facts needed!)
- review of division (2 digit by 1 digit numbers)
- fractions- review of concepts and relationships between fractions and decimals (to tenths)
- estimation strategies and word problems with money, multiplication, division
- understanding and applying concepts relating to area
- survey data- interpreting and making conclusions

Grade 5- 
- multiplication of 2 digit numbers x 2 digit numbers
- check in on long division (3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers)
- fractions- review of concepts and relationships between fractions and equivalent decimals (to hundredths)
- estimation strategies and word problems with money, multiplication, division
- understanding and applying concepts relating to area

- survey data results- interpreting and making conclusions

Please return all "check ins" that go home, so that your child can keep these in his/her folder for continued growth and next steps.



Grade 4- Light and Sound, including shared learning and investigations
(investigating the properties and characteristics of light and sound)
Also researching Biomes- language focus

Grade 5- Properties of Matter, including shared learning and investigations
(leading into experiments)
Also researching Conservation of Energy- language focus
Social studies:  taught by Mr. Ashworth this term:
Heritage and Identity- Grade 4's, 
People and Environments- Grade 5's

Grade 4's- capitals of provinces (practise labelling at home)

Religion: -Links to our Religious and Family Life program, our Liturgical calendar, bible readings and shared discussions. 

Physical Education: stay active! May focus on sport specific skills (including track & field events and soccer skills) will continue in the gym and outside. A reminder to your child: Readiness for physical education begins with a change of clothes for gym time.

Health: Substance Use, Additions and Related behaviours

French: Taught by Mr. Pisani

The Arts: Dance/Drama/ Music: Lead by Mrs. Holden


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
To be decided for this week!