Ms. Darlington

Welcome to Grade 4 with Ms. Darlington at SGA!
We will continue to embrace our learning as "joyful disciples" through Catholic Education! This month, we also celebrate Mother Mary and her gifts. 

This last week, we said farewell to Mrs. W. (our Vice-Principal) who has been called to share her many gifts with another Catholic school community in our board. We ask that God will be with her on her new journey. We welcome Mr. Keogh as our Vice Principal until the end of this school year.

Note: This page will be updated weekly (generally Sunday), and as needed throughout the week. In aligning with an ECO school, our monthly calendar can be found on the left column.   May has been updated! 

Upcoming dates/ Information

2nd Annual WE Walk for Water (collecting $2.00 from each student) , our School will all walk on TUES, MAY 21st

Why? $1000 will provide a clean water source for an entire village in a developing country!  We will donate to WE Charity and they will put the money towards a project in a village they support. TRACK & FIELD success. Wow! I was so proud of our Grade 4 class and the school community as a whole for their enthusiasm with this event. May 31st- Stranger Danger Presentations June 7th- Next PD Day (No school for you)

 Balloons May birthdays- Oakley (May 9th)

Supplies needed in our classroom: hand sanitizer and paper towels.Thank you for your donations! 

Week at a Glance: (May 20th-24th)

MONDAY- Victoria Day (No School)

TUESDAY-  Lunch Lady,WE Walk for WATER
THURSDAY- All work complete
FRIDAY- Pizza, Gym (moved from Tues)

Reminder: We are a PEANUT FREE classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

Tentative schedule for learning this week (subject to change):


Writing/ word work/ grammar- Short week
- SMASHES- building on creative writing processes
- Grammar: May word work activities, and a focus on adjectives 

Independent reading passage focus 
Small group reading with a focus on comprehension strategies 
(CAFE model!), listening to literature and independent reading daily (Drop Everything and Read= DEAR time)

Oral communication- no specific focus

Media literacy-  Reflecting on our WE Walk for Water Campaign posters,
I- movie for Mrs. W (who has been called to be a principal in one of our Orillia schools). 

Number Sense, Measurement & Data Management

- Number Sense: Division (2 digit by 1 digit) continued focus on decimals (tenths) and relations to fractions  
- Measurement: check in (area concepts)
- Data Management: survey polls and data analysis, then leading into probability
- Leading into new measurement concepts (mass & capacity)


Science: Mrs. Nandan

Social Studies:
Mr. Ashworth (People and Environments)

Building the Kingdom of God (Ordinary Time). In our final unit, students are learning about Jesus’ call to His Apostles to carry on His work and establish
His Church on Earth. Focus this week is being inspired by the good work of organizations such as WE, as we are called to follow in Jesus' footsteps in our Walk for Water.

Physical Education:

Continued track skill development, as well as fitness circuits/ conditioning

Note: We had a number of students (in our class) place in the top 4 for the Track & Field Day. Amazing accomplishments across all of our Grade 4 students! 

Health: Taught by Ms. Darlington (Term 2): Substance Use, Additions and Related Behaviours 
Dealing with peer pressure (smoking)- a focus on scenerios and strategies to make informed choices

Taught by Ms. McKinnon (A days)


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
WE Walk for Water

Music/ dance/ drama focus: ‚Äč
- Drama- finish our Theatre/ Play reviews (following The Beauty & the Beast)