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Director's Visit

Director's Visit
Posted on 10/06/2017

On October 5 SGA staff and students enjoyed a visit from our Director, Mr. Beal. He spent more than half a day in our school touring all the classrooms and sharing some personal stories. We learned that his favourite pastime was horseback riding (he has a horse name Beau) and that he started his teaching career in Woodbridge.

He has also taken the time to answer numerous questions from the students such as:

  • If you could spend a day in KDG, what toys would you play with?

  • If you ended up on a desert island, which three foods would you take with you?

  • How do you make sure that everyone, in all the schools your are responsible for, is doing what they should be doing?

  • How do you choose your employees?

  • Is high school hard?

Thank you, Mr.Beal, for taking the time to visit Saint Gabriel’s community and for allowing our staff and students to get to know you personally and to learn more about your various responsibilities.