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Math and Real Life Connection at Its Best

Math and Real Life Connection at Its Best
Posted on 12/12/2017

The grade six mathematicians in Mrs. Caruana's class demonstrated quite innovative work at their class 'Architecture Show!' For the past month, the students have been participating in a variety of activities to learn about perimeter, area, surface area, and volume. In this assignment, the students were to use the skills that they have been developing to design and create a three-dimensional building! On their 'blue prints,' the students were to solve the perimeter, area, surface area, and volume of their building. The students were incredibly excited to share their extraordinary creations!

 Here are some of the students' thoughts about the Architecture Show:

-I liked the Architecture Show because it's easier to learn when it's hands on, and you can visualize it better. I liked having the chance to discuss our work with others in order to understand it better. T.C. 

-Hands on learning gives me a lot of new ways to solve problems and helps me. Even if we work more with textbooks in the future, I have more ways to solve problems. Also, when we did the Architecture Show we got to see the building which made it easier for me to solve. These types of projects make learning a lot more fun for me! M.J. 

 -These projects are really exciting and let me express my learning more. This has helped me have fun and understand math a lot better, when I have struggled in the past. S.L. 

 -This style of learning gives me new ways to think about math. It also helps me to want to do math. Even though I've always loved and been good at math, things like the Architecture Show will help me in the 'real world.' B.S.