Ms. Darlington

Welcome to Grade 4 with Ms. Darlington at SGA!

This month, let us embrace the true meaning of friendship. We will strive to spread kindness in all that we do, remembering that friendships should fill our hearts. In February, we will reflect on how we can treat others as we would want to be treated. We will reflect on the ways of Jesus and reach out to show love in our families and through caring friendships at school.

Note: This page will be updated weekly (generally Sunday), and as needed throughout the week. In aligning with an ECO school, our monthly calendar can be found on the left column.   

Upcoming dates/ Information:

  • FEB 18th: Family Day- Enjoy time with family!
  • FEB 22nd: Report cards go home-- celebrate success and continue to grow!
  • FEB 26th: Winter Concert

Supplies needed: - recycled items for our "smash" books! - hand sanitizer for the classroom-- thank you for donations - kleenex and paper towels- thank you for donations

Balloons    February Birthdays- Lily Feb 5th, Ashleigh Feb 23rd

Week at a Glance: (February 18th- 22nd)

MONDAY-  Family Day- embrace time with your family! 

TUESDAY-  Lunch Lady, Gym
WEDNESDAY-  Library Time
THURSDAY- All work complete. Note: Term 1 Art portfolios, and a few samples of learning will go home by week end.
FRIDAY- Fantastic Friday, Reports go home (Celebrate success and work towards next steps)

SATURDAY: Happy Birthday Ashleigh! 

Reminder: We are a PEANUT FREE classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

Tentative schedule for learning this week (subject to change):


Writing/ word work/ grammar-
- Journals: Continued focus is on organization, word choice and conventions.
- Smashes: Encouraging creative writing processes
- Editing/revision process: Returning to previous writing samples

- Small group reading with a focus on comprehension strategies 
(CAFE model!)

Oral communication- Sharing our Ancient Civilizations projects with other Grade 4 classes, small group learning presentations

Media literacy- Commercial advertising (purpose & audience)
-- completing a learning task from last week

Number Sense: Continued focus on multiplication strategies- strategies and application with two-digit whole numbers by 1 digit whole numbers, leading into division strategies

Geometry & Measurement:
- leading into measurement (decimetres) 
- time (intervals to nearest minute and time elapsed)

Patterning/ algebra- continued focus with algebra inverse relationship between multiplication and division (e.g., understanding that if 4 x6= 24, 24 divided by 6 is 4)

I would ask that you review your child's "check ins" and support him/her at home with returning to math work. Our best learning often comes from goring back to our math corrections! 


Rocks & Minerals with Mrs. Nandan

Social Studies:
Heritage & Identity- Sharing our project inquiries and learning with the other grade 4 classes. 

Mr. Ashworth is now teaching People and Environments 

Religion:  Reflection on parables, Family Life (Living in Relationship), quiet prayer and intentions, a focus on friendships and love within our families in February.

Physical Education:

Tuesdays- We will begin to integrate an outdoor block again when we have "winter" opportunities. Winter circuits and soccer skills. DPA is integrated daily in our classroom.

Health: Taught by Ms. Darlington (Term 2): Substance Use, Additions and Related Behaviours 
Exploring learning on substances found in tobacco products and smoke, and effects on health

Taught by Ms. McKinnon (A days)


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
To be decided! :) Leading into Valentine's Art work

Music/ dance/ drama focus: ‚Äč
- continued intrgration of music concepts with our Religion
- dance (DPA) and fitness dance aerobics during gym
- reflection on music during Ancient times (to integrate this week)