Ms. Darlington

Growing in Catholic Faith
Grade 4 & 5

Happy Spring! Grade 4 and 5 students: Keep shining with commitment to your learning and with kind hearts in all that you do!

Upcoming/ Important:

We had a wonderful day at Scanlan Creek! Thank you to Chloe's mom for volunteering on our trip.
Thank you as well to Mrs. Palma & Mrs. Chivers for planning our Grade 4 Medieval Times. 

This Friday, we will participate in Community clean up day. Please dress for the weather. We will do this with our reading buddies! 

Needed for the classroom: kleenex and paper towels. Thank you for your donations! 

Upcoming Author visit: Eric Walters

April Birthdays:  Jaiden- April 1st, Keira- April 23rd,
Joseph- April 21st

Important information this week: (April 16th- 20th)

Monday- Library Day

Tuesday-  Gym day (physical education)

Wednesday-  SUBS- Gr 5 at school

Thursday- All work complete

Friday- Dress up as your favourite teacher day! (school day)/ Pizza/ Fantastic Friday
Note: Community Clean Up with our Reading buddies (outdoors)-- moved to APR 24th

Reminder: We have a peanut allergy in the classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

SOME key areas of learning this week:


Writing (Grade 4 and 5, specific to each grade for assessment)
Our main focus this week:
- revising, proofreading and publishing skills including journals
- grammar- contraction focus
- using research writing skills (finishing summary on Humboldt Broncos tragedy), finishing science summaries

Literature circles/ novel studies, listening to literature, and other reading (e.g., Humboldt Broncos tragedy, Eric Walters as an author, etc).

Media Literacy-  
We will finish Eric Walters posters

I suggest that your child have a protractor and a calculator at school.
Daily home practise: multiplication facts, subtraction (with regrouping) and elapsed time

This month, the following areas will be incorporated in our learning. We also continue to refresh on previous concepts in our morning "brain fuel" and Friday math centres.

Grade 4- 
- multiplication of 2 digit by 1 digit numbers (multiplication facts needed!)
- relating division to multiplication and fractions (e.g., halves, fifths and tenths)
- estimation strategies and patterning (brain fuel and Fun Friday)
- understanding and applying concepts relating to length, height, and distance, using standard units (e.g., millimetre, centimetre, metre, kilometre), perimeter and area
– understanding time intervals to the nearest minute-- practise on way to sports, etc.

Grade 5- 
- multiplication of 2 digit numbers x 2 digit numbers
- long division (3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers), and relating multiplication to division--- be patient! (Long division takes time to master!!)
- estimation strategies and patterning (brain fuel and Fun Friday)
- understanding and applying concepts relating to length, height, width, and distance, and perimeter, using standard units (e.g., millimetre, centimetre, decimetre, metre, kilometre), perimeter and area
- understanding time intervals to the nearest second-- practise on way to sports, etc.

Please return all "check ins" that go home, so that your child can keep these in his/her folder for continued growth and next steps.


Science: (con't from last week)

Grade 4- We are presenting our science projects (designing and constructing a pulley or gear system). We will then lead into a new unit.

Grade 5- We are presenting our structure designs. We will then lead into a new unit.

Social studies:  taught by Mr. Ashworth this term:
Heritage and Identity- Grade 4's, 
People and Environments- Grade 5's

Grade 4's- in April, we will review capital cities of provinces in Ontario and continued practise with labelling provinces (with Ms. Darlington)

Religion: -Links to our Religious program, our Liturgical calendar (which continues to be our Easter season), bible readings and shared discussions. We will are working on "Meeting Jesus" poster pages. We will lead into a new unit.

(My apologies that Lent was still listed last week!)

Physical Education: stay active! April focus on sport specific skills and movement will continue in the gym. A reminder to your child: Readiness for physical education begins with a change of clothes for our gym time.

Health: Not taught this week

French: Taught by Mr. Pisani

The Arts: Dance/Drama/ Music: Lead by Mrs. Holden


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
Wonderful efforts with our Humboldt Broncos posters.