Ms. Darlington

Growing in Catholic Faith
Grade 4 & 5

I am glad you are exploring our learning in grades four and five at St. Gabriel the Archangel. As we continue into November, may we remember all those who previously or currently are representing our country, Canada to help all live in peace.

  I will use this page to share what we are learning, upcoming dates. Note: Schedule/ planning is subject to change.

Supplies needed:
- a hard cover writing book (journal style)- dollar store for $1.25. I will purchase if you are not able to purchase this.
- old puzzle pieces, books, etc. that you do not need or want (see below under literacy)
- magazines
- old piece of fabric or pillow case (about the size of a placemat)
- donations of new mitts, socks and hats (for a holiday basket that I will drop off in December to the Women & Children's Shelter from our grade 4/5 class)

Christmas Concert- We will be joining Ms. Whalen's class for a shared performance. I will send home information on theme/ attire needed.

We will also share in a song with our kindergarten reading buddies. (For this song, please gather a Santa hat)

November Birthdays:

Emma- Nov 8th


Our Catholic Graduate School Expectations guide our practice as educators and our learning as students. Our goal as Catholic educators is to shape your child, to become:
   Discerning believers formed in the Catholic faith community
- Effective communicators
- Reflective, creative and holistic thinkers
- Self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner
- Collaborative contributors
- Caring family members
- Responsible citizens

Important information this week: (Nov 13th- 17th)
Monday- Library Day

Tuesday- Gym time

Health with Mr. Ashworth, SUB day. Book Fair begins!  Reports go home- Celebrate successes and highlight next steps
Thursday- Thrilling Thursday. 
All work for the week is to be complete= 
"Ketchup and pickles". Catch up on work if not done, move on to pickle fun if you are done! Conferences (evening)

Conferences, No school except booked conferences

Just a friendly reminder, we are a peanut-free classroom. We have a peanut allergy in the classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

SOME key areas of learning this week:


Writing (Grade 4 and 5, specific to each grade for assessment)
We will be focusing on our use of voice and organization this month in our writing. We will be writing messages to our Canadian Soldiers, reading and listening to literature/videos relating to Remembrance Day. 

We will also continue to launch our "Smash" books, focus on grammar and letter writing.

I encourage you to follow your child's weekly journal. Following your child's learning will help your child to review successes and next steps that are highlighted in his/her work. Please initial their work each work.

We will embrace opportunities for guided reading, daily reading, which will also connect with our social studies and science learning. D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) is a part of our daily routines= independent reading. 

I encourage a model for reading (I.P.I.C.K.). I would ask that your child have 2-3 "just right" books at school as well.**

** If you could send in an empty cereal box (decorated to his/her liking), this would be appreciated (for your child's "IPICK" books).

Media Literacy- 
We are looking for old magazines for media literacy activities. Please send in any you might have for recycling. We love GREEN worlds! 

Math: including "Daily 3" model that I will continue to introduce this month)  This month is LEGO month in math! 
Grade 4-  we are continuing focus on mental math strategies and multiplication. We are also working on interpreting and drawing conclusions from primary data (data management).

Please continue to practise at home: mental math strategies with addition, subtraction and multiplication to 9 (e.g., 9 x 9= 81).

Grade 5- we are focusing on mental math strategies and multiplication with 2 digit numbers. We are continuing with a data management focus on collecting and organizing primary and secondary data, including displaying data in charts, tables and graphs.



Grade 4- types of rocks (will be integrated cross curricular with language). Please remind your child to upload his/ her project (from Rocks & Minerals Inquiry) to our Google classroom. 

Grade 5- looking at interrelationships in the major systems in the human body. Please remind your child to upload his/her project to our Google classroom.

Social studies: 
Grade 4-  a focus on various physical regions in Canada. This week, we will launch into partner activities studying individual provinces. Next week, your child will be asked to send in supplies to create a model of a province/region.

Grade 5- review of projects (next steps) and analyzing and constructing maps as it relates to Europeans and First Nations

Religion: -Links to our Religious program, our Liturgical calendar, chapel visits will begin and a focus on the virtue of courage this month as it relates to our Religious education.

Physical Education: stay active!
Grades 4 & 5 - we are focusing movement skills, as they relate to basketball as well as cooperative activities in the gym. 

Health: Taught by Mr. Ashworth

French: Taught by Mr. Pisani

The Arts: Dance/Drama/ Music: Lead by Mrs. Holden

The Arts (Visual Arts): 
We are focusing on and awareness of various art forms and how they reflect diverse cultures (grade 4), and beliefs and traditions (grade 5).