Ms. Darlington

Growing in Catholic Faith
Grade 4 & 5

Thank you for your beautiful messages this last week. I missed all of you! A special thank you to Ms. Whalen for her time in our classroom.

Supplies needed:
- kleenex and paper towels- thank you for the donations! :)

Upcoming/ Important:
Michael Wade is coming to our school tomorrow. Books will be for sale for $5.00/ book or $40/ set (13 books). Cash or cheque on site tomorrow if you are interested! 

The Secret Life of Riley K (a Drama presentation)- February 12th for grades 4-6. Details can be found in your School Day account. The cost is $3.00 (due by Feb 9th). 

January Birthdays: 
Olivia- Jan 8th, Alexandra- Jan 12th, Chloe- Jan 13th, Julianna- Jan 13th, Ava- Jan 23rd, Kilian- Jan 6th


Important information this week: (January 22nd-25th)

Monday- Library

Tuesday- Gym time

Health with Mr. Ashworth, SUB day, 
All work for the week is to be complete= 
"Ketchup and pickles". Catch up on work if not done, move on to pickle fun if you are done! 

Fantastic Friday, Pizza

Reminder: We have a peanut allergy in the classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

SOME key areas of learning this week:


Writing (Grade 4 and 5, specific to each grade for assessment)

Our main focus this week is speeches, in addition to our regular weekly writing tasks. Please guide your child with his/her speech writing as outlined in our Google classroom. (This language focus will also be a part of our oral communication.)

We will embrace opportunities for guided and daily reading. D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) is a part of our daily routines= independent reading. 

Grade 5's- novel study (wrap up) and Grade 4's with reading groups.

This month, we are focusing on reading comprehension and fluency (in our CAFE model). You can support your child by sitting with your child for 15 minutes each night. Ask questions on what your child has read and listen to your child's reading pace. 

Media Literacy- no specific focus this week
I suggest that your child have a protractor and a calculator.

Grade 4- 
Please continue to practise at home: mental math strategies with addition, subtraction and multiplication to 9 (e.g., 9 x 9= 81).

We are focusing concepts relating to angles (right, acute and obtuse) and understanding quadrilaterals, as well as patterning relating to numbers and geometry. (including hands-on learning with geo-boards and geo-board applications on the ipads)

Grade 5- I encourage continued practise of multiplication with 2 digit numbers. Please support your child at home with multiplication of 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. Ask them about our "lattice" strategy. This will be of help, when we lead into division.

We are continuing with geometry- concepts with angles, including measuring angles, comparing angles and polygons, well as patterning relating to numbers and geometry. (including hands-on learning with geo-boards and geo-board applications)



Grade 4- We are learning about pulleys and gears, including practical applications in our everyday lives.

Grade 5- We are learning about internal and external forces that act on structures and mechanisms.

Social studies: 
Grade 4- not covered this week.

Grade 5- not covered this week. 

Religion: -Links to our Religious program, our Liturgical calendar, bible readings and shared discussions. We are also reflecting on responsibility and commitment, as it relates to Family Life.

Physical Education: stay active! January is Winter Fitness Circuits, and outdoor physical education days will be part of our learning.

Health: Taught by Mr. Ashworth

French: Taught by Mr. Pisani

The Arts: Dance/Drama/ Music: Lead by Mrs. Holden


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
Art lesson for the week to be determined. 

Wonderful job with our Winter Light art work, and a special thank you to our Art students who guided others with this art work.