Ms. Darlington

Welcome to Grade 4 with Ms. Darlington at SGA!
We have many things to be grateful for this month. As a grade four team, we have planted many new beginnings including new friends, new learning and new seeds as a group growing together in Catholic education! 

Note: This page will be updated weekly (generally Sunday), and as needed throughout the week. In aligning with an ECO school, our monthly calendar can be found on the left column. It has been updated for October.

Upcoming dates/ Information:

  • "Autumn, Many Blessings" classroom meal- OCT 25th (details to go home this week)
  • PD Day- October 26th
  • Spirit Assembly- October 31st
  • Picture retakes - Nov.6
  • Remembrance Day Liturgy - Nov.9
  • Book Fair - Nov.14-19

OCTOBER birthdays: Abigail- Oct 12th, Emily- Oct 23rd, Sierra- Oct 11th, Kael- Oct 30th SEPT birthday- missed on Sept calendar: Joella (Sept 22nd)

Important information: WEEK OF OCT 15th-20th

MONDAY-  Math "check in" (no check in last week, short week)

TUESDAY-  Gym, Ms. Darlington off site (Coaching Cross Country County race)
THURSDAY- All work done= Goal setting early in the week
FRIDAY- Math problem of the week due, Fun Friday

We are a PEANUT FREE classroom. Thank you for helping to keep our classroom a safe learning place.

Here are a few ideas for supporting your child with math and literacy at home:

Reading & Writing


Tentative schedule for learning this week (subject to change):


Writing/ word work/ grammar-  review of 6+1 traits and resources to support writing in class, Halloween procedural writing (begin), work work (autumn/ Halloween word work), weekly journals, start "SMASH" books

** Students have been shown our Google classroom Code. Some assignments will be required to be submitted here. All work to be completed by student. Thank you! 

- reading groups/ novel studies, listening to literature

Oral communication- Sharing in small groups, including math learning and social studies. A focus on both listening and speaking strategies.

Media literacy- Advertising messages (from magazine ads)

Number sense-
- understanding numbers from 0 to 10 000 and place value to thousands and applying this with tools/ strategies
- addition/subtraction of 4 digits numbers and strategies in word problems
- estimation skills and rounding strategies
- integration of multiplication facts

Data management- 
- understanding data collections (range, median, etc.)
- comparing two sets of data
- stem leaf plots (from our survey questions)

What you can do to support this learning at home:
- Help your child understanding numbers from 0 to 10,000 by giving him/her 3-5 numbers/night to plot on a line. Ask your child to plot numbers and justify their reasoning for where they place the numbers. 
- With a deck of cards (numbers 0- 9, flip 4 cards at a time (unscramble & scramble to make the largest or smallest 4 digit number with these 4 cards)

- Other "useful" math: Review math facts to 10 (addition & subtraction), as well as doubles facts to 20.  (Students should know for example, 7+ 5= 12 and 12- 7=5 in their head!) Review basic math facts to 10 first, then move to 20. Drill your child on the way to sports, as regular oral review will help plant this knowledge! 

Math "check ins" are generally on Monday each week, following learning from the week before. A math "problem of the week" is underway. 


Is underway for Light and Sound (by non-classroom teacher)

Social Studies:
Heritage & Identity- Early Civilizations (comparing past and present, and small group inquiry tasks)

Religion:  We are growing in faith every day! We are focusing on how to locate bible passages and reflect on meaning within bible passages. We are also continuing to build on the meaning of community.

Physical Education: 
Physical education will be on Tuesdays (gym) and we will aim to have an outdoor block on Fridays. The goal will also to integrate DPA will also be integrated daily. Reminder, your child should have a change of clothes for physical education.

Health: Taught by Mr. Ashworth (1/week, Term 1)
Taught by Ms. McKinnon (A days)


The Arts (Visual Arts): 
Finishing our Happiness Trees (Fall Beauty) A focus on use of texture and space, and creating art work with dimension. 

Music focus: ‚Äč
A reflection on music in our community today and comparing this to the past (e.g., music for gatherings now and in the Middle Ages).