School List

Mr. Adkinson's Grade 6

General Information

Welcome to the beginning of a new school year 2015-2016!  I will beposting our long-term goals to this website over the course of the nextfew days.  We will be learning a lot of new things together this yearand I can't wait to get going.  

Technology in the Classroom

We will beusing several different web based programs to enhance our learningexperience and build our collaborative learning experience. 

Please visit the links to the left under our class to have a direct link to the following:

1) Google:  Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Presentation and Draw allwill be used extensively in class.  It is important for your child tohave access to this at home via any computer, chromebook or ipad.  Iwould suggest Chromebooks for low cost and high utility (keyboardingskills).  iPads can be used, but it is difficult for anyone to type onunless they have an exterior keyboard.
2) Actively Learn for reading
3) Homework Board and Class Calendar

Parents can be involved on Khan Academy as well.  Using the parentsign-up information from the khan academy website parents can becomecoaches.

Parents have to sign-up with their own account and link in with the student's account.