School List


September 6 2017-2018

Welcome to Science and Health Prep Class! I am looking forward to meeting all of you. You have now found the homework page. 

A.) Science grades 1-4: a.) Please bring in one thing that you like about science and be prepared to share this with the class - this is due September 7th b.) Finish your lunch bag and draw what you like about habititats

B. ) Health grades 5-8: Leroux, Kwiatkowkski, Ellis- grade 8: due Wednesday September 13th

use the fact sheet on nutrients and create a poster including all 6 nutrients. Please watch this video to help you complete your poster. Include the following: 1.) nutrient name 2.) main function 3.) examples of the food with the nutrient C.) Health Bell, McCord and St. Amour- grade 7: due Wednesday September 13th Answer the question...What is a healthy body weight? Have an introduction, body and conclusion and make this 2/3 of a page. Please watch this video for ideas on how to write using an introduction, body and conclusion D.) Health Verbrugge and Darlington: complete the nutrients fact sheet due September 13th E.) Health Spiewak, Adkinson and Roth due September 18th

students will prepare a safety poster on a situation on one of the four categories, (school, home, outdoors, other places). If you want ideas on what a safety poster is

Type in examples of safety posters in google

The rules of our classroom are clearly stated in the room. It is imperative that each student follows them. Please go over these rules with your son/daughter:

a.) Listen and respect everyone in the room

b.) Follow the teacher’s directions at all times

c). Raise your hand when you want to speak

d.) Ask permission before you leave the room