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Class Homework Board

Thispage is meant to support the long range planning for the class.  Thiswill help in understanding what tasks are planned for the class in thecoming weeks.  Please excuse the various font sizes and colours - thisweb program is very temperamental!  I am also trying to have the sidebar updated to be dedicated to our classroom.  The three sub pages belowthis main class page are managed by me.  The others are managed eitherby the associated teacher or someone else. 


We are focusing on the construction of complete sentences with proper grammar and mechanics.  


There will be several smallwriting activities.  These activities are woven into all subjects. Ingeneral, you will be able to help your child should you remind them tous the 6 & 1 Traits of Writing.  I put a strong focus on thisplanning and evaluation model (see PDF link).  I do talk about and usethe Power Writing organizational structure to a lesser extent.

This is coupled with structuring paragraphs using the 6 & 1 Traits of Writing:


Students will be doing novel study on The Call of the Wild by Jack London.  Follow along in Google Classroom

Media Literacy
The power of the media is a veryimportant concept to understand and we will be focusing on the Five KeyQuestions:  1. Who created this message? 2. What techniques are used toattract my attention? 3. How might different people understand thismessage differently from me? 4.  What lifestyles, values and points ofview are represented in, or omitted from, this message?  5.  Why wasthis message sent?


Numeracyskills of all operations (multiplication, division, addition &subtraction), Place Value, Powers of 10, Prime & Composite numbers,Multiples and Factors.


Biodiversity - the Kingdoms of life and how all living things are important to our natural world balance.

Students will have various activities, question and projects to helpunderstand this very complex concept.  We will be viewing the movie Home thatcan be found on Youtube. This has many complex conversations about howhumans need to consider the balance of life in each decision.

Social Studies

Students will be focusing on Canada's Interactions with the GlobalCommunity.  This ties in with biodiversity when governing bodies engagein activities that relate to this concept.  Students will learn abouthow we interact with other nations for the collective good of the world.



Students will create two-dimensional, three-dimensional,and multimedia art works that explore feelings,ideas, and issues from a variety of points ofview. 



Focus is on Believing: 

1) God’s Self-Revelation in the person of Jesus Christ, Sacred Scripture and Tradition 

2) The Creed as a Summary of Catholic Belief and a Profession of Faith 

3) In God's Plan of Salvation Christ founded the Church as One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic

​Class Calendar


​This calendar blends in allactivities from the Google Classroom and also the assignment calendarthat I use to manage our class lessons.  Thisis always up-to-date and should be the first stop for students who areabsent and parents wanting to be tuned into what their son or daughteris learning.  If you can't see the right side please click on the page, you will then be able to move back and forth.